Denver Colorado Engagement Session – Renee & James

Renee & James are two very dear friends of mine who I have become very fond of over the last few years.  James is an engineer which is something he and I have in common since I have a Civil degree myself and used to practice engineering in my past life…..before photography.  Renee is a photographer herself and has her own business designing beautiful wedding albums for photographers.  So we all have a lot in common to say the least!

Last year when James & Renee decided to get married I was humbled when they asked if I would take their engagement photos for them.  We had the evening planned out and were all ready to go but an emergency deadline had forced James to work late that night so we postponed.  Fast forward six months and they are now living in Denver and already married.  Crazy right..  who takes engagement photos after they’ve been married??!  Well, I’d be lying if I said it hasn’t happened like that before.  So, we decided it needed to happen and during the fall season when James & Renee were going to experience their first Colorado fall season together!

I could photograph these two all day long if they let me.  We captured some really sweet images and I am thankful it was in a special place and time for these two.  A little icing on the cake are some funny pics that I decided had to be included as you’ll see at the end of the gallery.  I call it “Going Ninja”!!

Colorado is on my radar for photographing mountain weddings starting this summer, 2017.  Originally being from Cheyenne Wyoming I have always felt a connection to the west and getting back here for a few months during the summer to photograph has been a strong desire of mine for years.  I am grateful for this opportunity to start off something I very excited about!  I’m even more thankful for these two friends!

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