Fort Desoto Engagement Session – Charlotte & Michael

Fort Desoto is the scene for tonights engagement session! I’ll go ahead and spare you the reasons why I love photographing here and just get down to it. There are other posts that talk more about this place, including the very next post on Alyssa & Jeremy, which goes a bit more in depth as to why I love Fort Desoto, so check that out!

Charlotte & Michael loved the idea of coming out here to do their engagement photos. It was important to them to have some environmental photos that spanned back to show the scenery. You’ll notice some wide shots that show fields of tall grass and trees along with coast line and the water meeting up to it and then some beautiful sunset images. The landscape out here is incredible and best of all, we had it all to ourselves. Often I find that it helps couples feel more natural if we can have an environment where they don’t feel everyone is watching them.

We had two outfit options on this shoot starting with a casual choice in attire and then moving to a little more formal but still keeping it semi casual since we were on the beach. I think they did an amazing job with the second outfit to both look great and still have a laid back and fun feel.

I was very pleased with this session and the variety of images we captured. We got those scenic images Charlotte & Michael were hoping for but the real magic for me was getting close and seeing their chemistry with one another come out! I can’t ask for a more genuine interaction. I personally really enjoyed this time getting to know these two better and I think it’s safe to say that all three of us had a great time with this session together. Enjoy the images!

Watch the slideshow: CLICK HERE

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