Fort Desoto Engagement Session, St. Petersburg – Alyssa & Jeremy

I have said it before and I’ll say it again, Fort Desoto park is MY favorite place in this area for natural raw Florida. As often as I bring couples out here to photograph I am always inspired by the variety Fort Desoto offers. You don’t only get to photograph on the beach here, you get trees, brush, scrub, driftwood, sand dunes, sea oats, a pier, jetties, an old fort, and I could go on but you’re getting the picture.

I love being outside and having places to go where the landscape has a louder voice than a developer. Fort Desoto feels like what Florida probably looked like for hundreds of years before, well…. us.

This engagement session with Alyssa & Jeremy was a lot of fun for me. Like many couples, Alyssa & Jeremy weren’t used to having their photos taken and as most felt like they were completely awkward in front of the camera. I assured them it would be okay and that I wanted to make the images feel as natural as possible. Jeremy replied, “Have you met us?”, as if to imply they don’t do natural very well. I laughed and said “let’s get started”.

It’s easy to tell someone what you want them to feel but that doesn’t always translate. We are not all the same so you can’t approach every situation like the one before it. The last thing we want is to force the moment or take the fluidity out of an interaction. What we can do is try and create a natural and comfortable environment so expression is welcomed and free to explore. In other words, Organic, Raw, Free Range and Grass Fed are not just something we look for when choosing our food at the grocery store. (I threw Grass Fed in there just to see if you’re paying attention) 😉

Enjoy these photos and I hope they show a relaxed and engaging time these two had with me and all of us together. Only they know how nervous they were when we began but how quickly that faded away.

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