The Engagement Session

The engagement session is simply an opportunity for us to capture some beautiful photographs and build rapport between yourself and I in a relaxed and fun environment.

I’m sure you have professional photos taken of yourselves all the time, am I right?  I didn’t think so… 😉  Well your engagement session is a chance to have that done.  This session is unique because it only involves you and me.  You won’t have all the distractions and gazing onlookers watching like you will at your wedding.  And so now we are able to create a more intimate and relaxed setting to let you be you.

Why I enjoy having this session with you in the first place is to create rapport.  I find it extremely helpful to build some familiarity with one another both in front of and behind the camera.  This reason alone can be vital to your wedding and knowing we have that trust established makes all the difference.  At this point it’s about having me, as your friend, capturing your special day for you.

It is important to me that your photographs reflect a natural you.  I am looking for your personality and chemistry together as a couple to show in your images.  I want that connection that you share together to be visible.  The easiest way to do this I find is by creating a genuine, light hearted and relaxed environment for you.

The engagement session is one of my personal favorite sessions to photograph for you.  I can promise you these images and time spent together will give you richer and more meaningful memories from your wedding.

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