The Crafted Paw FAQ

What does a Crafted Paw Session look like?

The purpose of this type of session is to capture your pets personality naturally. By bringing them out into the environment to walk and explore we stimulate their senses and create a fun experience. This can be done on-location in a safe place or your home.

Can I have a Crafted Paw Session at my house?

Yes. There are several situations where this might be ideal for you. Perhaps you have an older pet who doesn’t move much and we need to accommodate them and their comfort. Or maybe you have a really awesome back yard and that can be our play ground.

What are some good locations to have a Crafted Paw session?

Locations that I have used and love have been a few parks located off of Morris Bridge Road, Lettuce Lake Park, Hillsborough River State Park, Cypress Point Park, Picnic Island and Fort Desoto. There are other great locations and I am always looking and open for new ones. If you have a location in mind or even a private residence with some property then please feel free to suggest that as well.

If my dog can’t be trusted off a leash can we still do a session?

Certainly. First and foremost, we want this to be a FUN and SAFE experience for your pup. If you or your pup are more comfortable having a laniard/leash/rope attached then we will work with it to our advantage.

I have more than 1 dog, can I include them all in a session?

Absolutely! We understand that many pets are part of a pac and we want to include them all. Additional dogs can be included during the session for an additional fee.

Do you suggest the help of a professional dog handler?

In my experience it is always a good idea. I have an amazing handler I recommend and they take care of everything regarding the well being of your pup. It’s less for you to worry about and they bring a level of comfort and control (when needed) that promotes a fun session. I strongly encourage a handler when there are multiple dogs.

How long does a typical session last?

A typical session only lasts about an hour.

When are sessions typically scheduled?

Sessions are scheduled in 1 hour blocks around sunrise and sunset. This is to take advantage of the most beautiful natural light of the day. This also helps temperatures and conditions to be a little more comfortable for our pets too.

What happens if I have to cancel or reschedule my session?

No problem, you can cancel or reschedule no less than 7 days prior to reservation. Under 7 days (1 week) we ask that you reschedule to avoid loosing your deposit.

What is a Signature Paw Print?

The Signature Paw Print is the other half of the adventure of a Crafted Paw Session. This is a custom print of your favorite image(s) displayed in a frame made by me. I love wood working and portraits and to bring the two together for a unique finished piece of art is the why I do this.

Can I gift a Crafted Paw Session?

Yes! A Crafted Paw Session makes a perfect gift. You can even gift a Signature Paw Print as well.